The Challenge

  • The previous campaign didn’t drive good results
  • Developing a good strategy
  • Increase brand awareness

The result

  • 673% Revenue increase
  • Profitability over the roof
  • Systemized marketing to make it in Autopilot


What you will learn from this case study…

✅ The importance of a good marketing campaign

✅ How to capitalize on your customer base more effective

✅ How to make your offer scarce, without scaring out a client.


We started working with this brand in 2021, This brand already had ads running, that generate a lot of traffic, but didn’t convert into sales, so we talked and arranged a meeting to talk.

In the meeting I realized they were already running ads, I was looking through the social media channels and saw that they were running a traffic campaign instead of a direct-to-offer campaign, so they were bringing a lot of traffic in, but the sales were not coming. I identified the problem on the fly and tell them, Hey, you’re not bringing in new sales, because you’re running a traffic campaign, so you’re not converting because of that, so let’s run a conversion ad, so we could drive some good sales!


As I mentioned before, They had previously experienced a lot of marketing failures and were desperate to generate more traffic and sales. After discussing their goals and analyzing their products, I recommended running a targeted traffic campaign as the best way to drive conversions. I worked with the team to create a comprehensive plan, carefully selecting the right channels and tactics to reach our target audience, also called targeted persona.
Their social media management and website were not active, so I suggested bringing their team and start posting to make their community more engaged and more active.


We were profitable in the first month, we accomplish to make them 31K in sales, just from ads, and being more active on social media, so If you’re a business and you’re not active in social media, what are you waiting for?


As you already saw here, you can have a profitable venture with your ad campaigns, the only thing that you need is a good offer, which needs to be appealing and attention-grabbing to captivate your potential audience and drive profits and success to your brand and augment your awareness and sales exponentially.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and apply for your 15-minute call!